Youth Leadership Training

This 12-week online course is based on the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens". Students will focus on personal development, team building skills and creating weekly action steps. Students will be expected to read a chapter from the book each week and then join the group discussion through a zoom link where we will meet as a virtual class. This platform enables students to interact with the instructor and other students and offers chat features and whiteboard activities. Class time will be used for teaching, activities and group coaching.

What to expect:

  • Group Discussion 
    • What challenged you? 
    • What motivated you?  
  • Create Individual Goals and Action Steps  
    • What are your strengths? 
    • What areas need attention? 
    • What will you do?
    • Establish a Buddy System for accountability and support 

Class size will be limited to maximize learning and create a safe environment to share.

Required Materials:

Textbook: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey

BEGINS Monday, March 25th, 2019 @ 4:30 p.m. EST 



  • I feel my daughter has more self confidence and independence since participating in this program.
  • Teaches important life and leadership skills. Highlights their power of Choice and how their choices can affect their outcomes. Helps them break through social barriers.
  •  Every teen needs this course!
  • Thank you, Kim, for your commitment and dedication to invest into‚Äč these lives. Your enthusiasm was contagious, and my daughter enjoyed every day of the program!


  • It really made me think how I am living my life and how I could improve upon it.
  • I enjoyed how warm and welcoming the environment was, as well as the whole experience of learning how to apply the habits in daily life!

A Psychology Today article says this: 

  • Our nation values leadership, but we do not teach it well. 
  • Colleges place a strong emphasis on leadership, as any high school senior who is filling out applications can tell you. We watch movies and read books about leaders. It borders on a national obsession yet employers see a gaping deficit.
  • Thousands of the world’s most respected employers were asked two questions:
    • 1) what are the skills critical to success in the modern workplace and
    • 2) what skills do new hires lack.
  • Of the roughly 100 skills surveyed, “leadership” ranked in the top 10. It also showed the second greatest skill deficit in recent college graduates (second only to “written communication”).
  • Roughly 28% of graduates are described as “deficient” with only a small fraction deemed highly skilled. 
  • If we value and respect leadership so much and it correlates with success in the workplace, why then do we see such a gaping deficit? 

Why should you invest in this program for your teen?

It will bridge the gap and set your child up for success!