Vision 2020

Throughout 2019 we will focus on a healthy mind, body and soul. Prepare to enter 2020 with clarity and confidence. This life transforming program will redirect your focus to the things that are most important to you personally and will help you to increase your overall health by focusing on each of these three key areas. The online group coaching program will allow participants to learn from each other, challenge one another and grow together so that they can each be the person they were created to be. It will consist of monthly group coaching sessions as well as ongoing support, training and individual work to complete each month. A private Facebook group will provide support and allow us to share any challenges and encouragement along the way. Participants will search for and share materials that will benefit the group in the areas of mind, body and soul.

Please note that the "soul care" portion of this program will be Christian based. Anyone open to learn and grow with that perspective is welcome to join us.