Kimberly, a member of our leadership team, was certified by the Wesleyan Coaching Network and began coaching me shortly thereafter. I was in for a tremendous surprise. It's had a major impact on my family life. I began “dating” my wife again. I had a family conference (1st ever!) where I offered to meet with each member individually to build into their lives. I'm already seeing significant fruit from that. I have this sense, for the first time since my children were young, that we are a family again. It is, without a doubt, at the top of my list for transformational processes. I just didn’t expect its first and greatest impact would be on my family. 

Ian Dunn, Lead Pastor







Kim’s Coaching sessions have provided me with the organization and motivation that my life has needed. Our discussions leave me feeling accomplished and hopeful for my future. I highly recommend her because she is trustworthy and has the ability to focus on what truly matters. She lets you decide what to focus on while guiding you to find resolutions and happiness. This experience has given me lasting gratefulness and lifelong skills.

Amanda Dixie, Nurse

Since I began my coaching sessions with Kim, I feel like I have conquered many challenges in my life.  She asks great questions which cause me look at challenges from a different perspective.  I was often tired and unfocused however coaching has helped me to work on some life transformations, while keeping in God’s word, sharing it with my family and growing a deeper and more personal relationship with God.  Because of my coaching sessions I finally feel like I've made huge leaps.  

Danielle Savard, Team Leader