The DISC Personality System was created by Dr. William Marston at Harvard in the 1920’s. It focuses on one’s personality style, behavioral characteristics, and predictable behaviors. Every person has a combination of these four main DISC personality styles:

Dominance – Direct, Decisive, Driven
Influence – Outgoing, Persuasive, Impulsive
Steadiness – Stable, Thoughtful, Reliable
Compliance – Conscientious, Organized, Systematic






DISC Personality Style Report


Provides a comprehensive overview of the way that people think, act, and interact. It’s the most widely used profiling tool of its kind, and is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies. It includes:

  • An Introduction to your DISC Personality Style Report
  • Your DISC Style (Graphs)
  • Your DISC Style – Understanding your Personality Style
  • Style Intensity Overview – Discover Specific Traits of Your Style
  • Historical Characters – See Who Else Shares Your Style
  • Strengths & Limitations
  • Communication – Enhancing Communication with Others
  • Action Plan – For Personal Development and Growth

Biblical DISC Personality Style


Same as regular DISC assessment but adds a personal review of strengths and limitations as it relates to the people and relationships of the Bible.

3D Personality, Teams, Values


3 Assessments for one low price.

Leadership Report -DISC


Leadership is a learned skill that is directly tied to your behavioural style. It is Situational and Personal. Maximize your leadership potential and discover the best way to communicate and motivate those around you.

Biblical Leadership Report - DISC


Same as Leadership Report with review of how it relates to people and relationships in the Bible.

Sales Style Report - DISC


Learn how you instinctively sell and identify your selling strengths and how to adjust your style to meet the needs of your clients.

Teams Report - DISC


Identify your primary and secondary thinking style and how that contributes to group thought and productivity

Values Report -DISC


Understand what internally motivates and guides you in your decision making.

DISC Fitness Profile


The DISC Fitness Profile can help you to better understand what motivates you, what strengths you can play to, and what type of exercise plan might work best for your personality style. Combine the power of mind and body with the DISC Fitness Profile.

Career Choice Workbook for students


Helps students recognize their strengths and gain career guidance. Great for high school and college age students and includes an occupational style survey and matching career cluster results.

Career Assessment


Identify your strongest skill competencies, strengths, transferable skills and suggested career and educational options for exploring best fit options.