Work Experience

I'm a bilingual Professional Leadership Coach who helps you to live out your values and goals at work and at home.  I offer individual and group coaching sessions using the Art and Science of Coaching Principles; a solution-focused approach that facilitates consistent progress in the identified goals.  I see everyone as a leader; whether you’re leading an organization, a team, a family, or yourself. I'm also a Professional Instructor who has been designing training and facilitating sessions across Canada for 20 years. I incorporate Adult Learning Principles into my sessions to ensure they are vibrant and interactive.  

On a Personal Note

I married my best friend in 1999.  We have three boys and one girl. I've discovered that I really love working with teams and I have a new-found passion for connecting and building into youth. I'm currently working on a Leadership Development Program for teens in my area. I've led teams and projects in the Government and I started two distinct community programs for women.  I was the Director of Women's Ministries at our church for three years and prior to that I started a community support group for moms as well as a women's Fitness Ministry which runs three times a week and is staffed by faithful volunteers.

These days I spend most of my time continuing my coaching education and coaching clients. I was introduced to this amazing field through the Wesleyan Coaching Network and became a Commissioned Ministry Leadership Coach in January, 2015.  I went on to take a Leadership Coaching course followed by a Coaching Teams course. I'm now registered with a College to complete my training hours requirement towards becoming ICF Certified.

This Career Change has been incredible.  I remember when I first started in the Government there was a Career Centre that provided workshops and career directions sessions. I still remember thinking, this would be my dream job... and now, I'm living it.