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Feb 19, 2016 |
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What is Coaching Anyway?

What Coaching IS and ISN'T...

There is some confusion about what coaching really is. Before getting into what it is, it might help to know what it "is not".

Coaching IS NOT mentoring or counselling. While both of these are very important, their roles are significantly different than that of coaching. 

  • Mentoring = learning from someone who is experienced in a specific area so that they can help you achieve that same result.  The agenda is primarily lead by the mentor.
  • Counselling = seeking advice from a professional to deal with areas of hurt from your past. The agenda is primarily lead by the counsellor.

Now let's look at what Coaching IS:

  • Coaching = Identifying and implementing steps toward a desired future. The agenda is lead by the person being coached, who is generally healthy and looking forward.

Coaching a person is similar to coaching a sports team or a player.  The players have the talent and the expertise in their field. The Coach however, is a necessary ingredient to draw the best out of them and help them reach higher goals than they could have on their own

Let's reach higher heights together!

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